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Composing the Player Progression (Vortrag)

Vorgetragen von Andreas Suika.


A game design approaches how to conduct the game elements to achieve a better accessibility and a improved retention.

Learning the game can already be fun! Translating the player experience and the game vision into a good game flow is a big challenge and differs in every game. The talk will try to show an approach to be in control of the “composition” of the game elements. We will talk about player skills, identifying important parameters to control the difficulty and how to arrange abilities in a meaningful order. It is the goal to develop a clear idea about the learning curve and its components already in the conception phase. The shown checklists and tables can help all team members as a hub. Addressing the learning curve and difficulty control at an early stage can communication minimize the amount of needed iterations. As a consequence you get an idea about your needed data structure and signs & feedback. And as a result the game keeps being interesting and fun for the players from the first minute.

Über Andreas Suika

Andreas started his career more than 13 years ago at and worked there in different Blue Byte positions. As Tester, Data Wizard and Level Designer, he had the chance to work on products like Battle Isle and Settlers 4. Settlers 5 and Settlers 6 he attended as Lead Game Designer. As Creative Director he worked on ANNO for Wii and DS and on My Fitness Couch for the PS3 with Move Controls. Besides the larger projects he had the chance to spend time in research, development methods and smaller games like ANNO for the iPhone. Working on such titles gave birth to the idea to make own steps on this market. With Klaas Kersting, Matthias Schindler and George Broxtermann he co-founded flaregames in the role of the Creative Director. The Start-Up is developing and publishing successful mobile f2p games on all relevant mobile platforms. Since 2013 Andreas works as a freelancer and helps companies developing and publishing games and applications.

Games he was working on did win awards like Red Dot Design Award, the TOMMI and several German Game Developer Awards. With titles like Bravesmart and Royal Revolt (with keenflare) his team mates and him could prove that you can be success on the fast growing mobile market with high quality, efficient development methods and appropriate monetization.



Spieleentwicklertreffen NRW
Z-Software GmbH
Lindemannstr. 81
44137 Dortmund

Telefon: 0231/33015031



Das nächste Treffen findet am Donnerstag, den 27.11.2014, in der Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf statt.