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RUDI - The open-source Christmas game with RUDI (Projekt)

Vorgetragen von Christian Behrenberg.


Name: RUDI
Genre: Casual Game
Entwickler: Christian Behrenberg
Release: 24.12.07

Game details

RUDI is a game for everyone. Beginners can start promptly, without reading a manual. You will control Rudi with the cursor keys only. If you are a hardcore gamer, you will love it too, as some packets are really well-hidden and require a lot of skill to capture them.

As if that were not enough, we added a complete do-it-yourself game development workshop! Create your own games with the A7 game engine with ease and the help of this well-structured e-book. Learn about the development process, the game mechanics and its tricks. Code examples and pictures will guide you through it and make game development a pleasure.

One level demo featuring the Northpole will be released on Christmas Eve 2007.

Developed by Christian Behrenberg in association with We support the Creatice Commons, therefore we use some music done by Kevin MacLeod ( for the soundtrack. The source of game version 0.1 is GPL licensed, the packed game distribution is free and the workshop is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Themen der Projektvorstellung:
- RUDI - The open-source Christmas game with RUDI
- RUDI game development workshop



Spieleentwicklertreffen NRW
Z-Software GmbH
Lindemannstr. 81
44137 Dortmund

Telefon: 0231/33015031



Das nächste Treffen findet am Donnerstag, den 27.11.2014, in der Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf statt.